Grappa Italian Café

Grappa Italian Café

With an award-winning wine list and delicious, rustic Italian cuisine, Grappa has set the standard for fine dining in Utah for 19 years.

Cocktail Contest


Mixologist Larry Masterson


1 oz St. Germain Elderflower
4 oz Adami Prosecco
Orange Slice
6 mint leaves
Soda water

Muddle orange and mint. Add ice and St. Germain, shake well. Pour into wine glass and add Adami Prosecco. Top with a splash of soda water.

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The glass and general visual appearance of a cocktail and garnish affect it’s appeal - how does it look? Did it make your taste buds happy? Is this one just palatable, taste refreshing or is it truly delicious?

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    Enjoy exquisite wine, prefectly apired appetizers and live music on Historic Main Street's premiere patio at Grappa. The Sipping Soiree will feature 18 different wines from Italy, Spain and Portugal, accompanied by as assortement of appetizers and food stations representing the region's finest cuisine.

Nestled at the top of Historic Main Street, every detail of a rustic. Italian country farmhouse give Grappa its romantic atmosphere, down to the terrazzo tile, rough sewn wooden beams, and grapevine motif. 

Nothing could be more foreign to the American palate than grappa, the Northern Italian brandy distilled from the grape skins, stems,  and seeds left over from winemaking (what the French produce as marc).  By tradition, a poor man's drink, grappa can pistol-whip the palate of the neophyte.  Rustic, often fiery, it smells of hay, Earth and God knows what else. 

Today, top winemakers and distillers from all over Italy artfully craft their grappas, often distilling them from a single grape variety, or even a single variety from a single designated vineyard.  Some are aged in wood anywhere from six months to a year.  The result is a smoother, more insinuating product that can be downright elegant, while still retaining the spirit's primary characteristics.  Grappa has an intensity, a pristine quality, and an underlying simplicity.  Grappa is strong, but it leaves the taste buds refreshed.

Reservations:  We suggest that our guests make reservations in advance. Reservations are available by phone, 435-645-0636, or by using our online reservation system. Click here to make an online reservation.

Grappa is part of Bill White Enterprises which encompasses Billy Blanco'sChimayo, Ghidotti's, Washo, Sushi Blue,  Windy Ridge Cafe and Windy Ridge Bakery.  

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